Design Day Melbourne

Personal Proposal for the Design Day Festival, a whole day dedicated to design and who in his first versión has several of the best artist around the planet each one exhibiting the best of their technical art. Lettering, 3d, graffiti, photography,illustration,motion graphics are the categories choosen for this festival that will take place on Melbourne Australia.

Is a personal project so I decided to use a complete identity system to represent an entire festival, the color palette, the font, the style… Is a personal challenge. Just because is a design festival we can use different patterns to create something different, a mixture of everything represented by a “D” of “design”.

Well I started from a “D” to represent “Design” then I made some experimental designs with this letter and choose a color palette to express the idea, so I decided to mix everything in the same artboard, like a torn paper to talk about the sketch in the design process. The tools that I use was Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign.

I learned how to express an idea into a visual system. I need more time to feel the people respond because is a new proyect,I publish the proyect right now so I am open to all the comments and suggestions.

Alejandro Gutiérrez Pérez