FinalCut by Loris Stavrinides

FinalCut is a concept design for an online magazine portal on the world of movie blockbusters, star interviews and big screen news. FinalCut aims to be a more cutting-edge, mature, and modern approach to movie reviews and exclusive entertainment content. This is a personal non-commercial project and all images, content and video clips are property of their respective owners, used for conceptual purposes only.

Knowing that I wanted the look & feel of this project to be a bit more cutting-edge than your average magazine site, with a more serious attitude, I needed the name to also reflect that. FinalCut also refers to the film industry director’s privilege, meaning the right of a director to decide how a film is ultimately released for public viewing.

– Loris Stavrinides




Not much of a story besides how I was inspired to do this (which I explain later on), but the concept of what this project could actually be if it was a reality would be a serious online magazine on the world of blockbuster movies with exclusive content, such as trailer reviews, star interviews and movie news. To be all about quality and inspiring content and nothing more.

– Loris Stavrinides




I have always wanted to get the chance to create a movie related portal website, being inspired by various similar projects from other designers, but I was never able to find what could made mine different…until I saw the poster from ‘Captain America: Civil War’ that I used on the my first design. The colour scheme from that was my inspiration starting point to work on a dark and a bit of edgy colour scheme, with some strong contrast with the colour red. Everything else came naturally from that point on.

– Loris Stavrinides



First task was to come up with the right colour scheme and overall feel of how the site will look like. I have spent hours looking for the right photos to use that will complement each other perfectly, will deliver the right feel and will also fit the content. Alongside the homepage design I created the logo to match the design. I knew from the start I wanted an unconventional colour scheme to deliver a different approach. Once I had a clear idea how the look & feel was going to work I started working simultaneously the other pages to ensure consistency between them and make sure that every choice I was making can work across all pages, such as the typography, font sizes, spacing, positioning of elements, etc. When all pages were done I started animating them to demonstrate my ideas in terms of how the flow, interactivity and animations of the site will work.

– Loris Stavrinides


I used Adobe’s Photoshop and After Effects. The main challenge was the photography content. I have spent hours online looking for the right photos and the trick to get it right for me was to photo-edit them individually until I get it right. Many photos don’t look that have been manipulated, but for some cases I had to do a lot of subtle changes. Just for the first homepage design I did 15 revisions.

– Loris Stavrinides


About Loris Stavrinides

Loris Stavrinides is a Creative Director, Digital Designer and a Digital Artist from Nicosia, Cyprus, currently working as the Creative Director of BLEND Digital Agency which he also Co-Founded. He has over 12 years of hands-on professional experience in the digital design industry and had the pleasure to work for a variety of big brands and agencies around the globe. Some of the big brands he have worked for are EA Games, Sony Europe, Sony Playstation, Disney Pictures, Disney Interactive Studios, Emma Watson, Adobe, Microsoft, Eidos, 19 Entertainment, Nintendo, Famous Grouse, Nescafe, KissFM, MTV, Sky TV, Nickelodeon, Cadbury, Bacardi, Ferrari, Saab, Warner Brothers. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.