New Year Ukrainians

Illustration New Year of the Ukrainian woman – we congratulate everyone on the upcoming holidays. The portrait was created in the vector. He conveys peace, warmth and positiveness to everyone. I have been doing portrait illustration for many years. I developed the style and technique myself. The idea came up spontaneously. And she incarnated in one breath.

The idea came up completely by accident. I have been drawing in this style for a long time. The style contains a very complex technique that I developed myself. This is a New Year’s greeting illustration of everyone with the upcoming holidays.

I’ve used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I will keep the technique a secret. The style is developed independently. Technique too. The portrait technique in this style is complex, but very bright. In the future, I think to create portraits in this technique of all countries of the world.

I really liked the reaction and interest in the project. He’s very positive. Of course, I studied and expanded the possibilities of the technique used in the illustration. In the future, I want to supplement portrait graphics with various interesting details. And create a collection of all the peoples of the world.

I want to surprise readers with my works more.

Aleksandra Bogoboyashaya

vector illustrator