Scandinavian Apartment by Agnieszka Cichecka

The main aim of the project was to create the most open space as we could. For this reason, they tore down the walls in the apartment and added a glass wall separating the hallway from the bathroom. The interior was meant to stay minimalist, bright, with Scandinavian vibes and colorful ornaments, on furniture or doors. The apartment blends styles and textures. Red old bricks are in contrast with the smooth white surfaces and concrete in the living room.

Agnieszka Cichecka

Agnieszka Cichecka

Agnieszka Cichecka


The kitchens’ most characteristic element is white simple construction with a hidden worktop and circular holes, which serve as shelves for wine bottles. The kitchen island is also a dining table. In the bottom of it we can find place for books storage or the future bio-fireplace. Living room and bedroom are simple, decorated in gray and white colors with wooden and yellow accents. One of the most important part of the design is lightning. The various combinations of sources allow us to create different arrangements in the apartment, depending on our mood.
-Agnieszka Cichecka





This design was the joint work of mine and clients. The whole cohesively blends together by selecting a range of colors that we used consistently throughout the apartment. The project was created for a young couple passionate about eastern culture and Scandinavian simplicity. The combination of these seemingly contradictory directions and extraordinary solutions, gave an interesting, vibrant result.
-Agnieszka Cichecka





I think that the most non-typical solution is the glass wall between bathroom and hallway. Because of that we could experience daylight in this dark room. Various different light sources and old brick on the walls create the perfect mood for deep relaxation in the evening. Toned warm colors give bathroom the impression of spa salon. My company specializes in Scandinavian, industrial and eclectic interiors. I love vintage furniture and I am trying to use them with simple modern spaces. Clients are my biggest inspiration. I try to create each interior different way and blend of my investor personality with the current trends. I think that travelling is the best way of getting new inspirations in our daily routine jobs.
-Agnieszka Cichecka





First of all, I would recommend to gain as much experience as it is possible and to seek your own style in what you are doing. Whether it is interior design, graphics, illustrations or other field of artwork. It is worth to develop and experimenting, combine different styles and remembering that the beginnings are always the most difficult.
-Agnieszka Cichecka



About Agnieszka Cichecka

Agnieszka Cichecka is a young Polish architect, Warsaw University of Technology graduate (with master of architecture degree). She started freelance work as an interior designer in 2007 and opened her own company Devangari Design in 2013. The company’s main aim is to create spaces that represent the needs, lifestyles and the personality of the investor. Devangari Design specializes in modern interior designs of private apartments, public spaces, show apartments for developers and characteristic, unconventional approaches for architectural projects and exceptionally photo realistic visualizations. See more of her works on Behance or her website.