Uppercase Alphabet for Massey Ferguson by Dado Queiroz

The advertising agency Dez Comunicação came up with the concept, for the Brazilian branch of the agricultural equipment manufacturer Massey Ferguson, and through Möve, the agency that represents me in Brazil, I was hired to execute it. They presented some very crude examples of what they had in mind, coupled with some very ambitious references, such as the Transformers movies, and it sounded like a lot of fun.

– Dado Queiroz



I didn’t come up with it myself, so I can only speak about the inspiration of the process. I’ve always had a sweet spot for Sci-Fi imagery, even though I’m not such a huge fan of the genre, so I’m sure that played a major role in the back of my head during the making of the project.

– Dado Queiroz



Again, the idea itself was not mine, I jumped in to execute them. My thinking went more into how to do that. It was not exactly a simple, nor small project, so a significant amount of time went into imagining and experimenting with the best ways to achieve the results I had in mind.

– Dado Queiroz



Yes, certainly. The main one was probably the scarcity of original photography, as opposed to what I had expected I would be working with. That meant I couldn’t count with as many “building blocks” for making up the letters as I would have preferred. On top of that, these few images came from several different shootings, for many different purposes, one would assume, so matching all different lightings and overall image quality into one unified, cohesive whole was pretty difficult, demanding a considerable amount of image retouching and reconstruction.

– Dado Queiroz



There weren’t many revisions of the finished pieces; maybe three or four characters needed small adjustments, according to the client or agency, but throughout the project, every character went through at the very least four iterations. One or two of them were close to ten or possibly more.

– Dado Queiroz



About Dado Queiroz

Dado Queiroz is a Visual Designer, originally from southern Brazil and he has been living in Amsterdam since 2011. He specializes lettering and typography related work, even though he have also worked with UI and advertising pretty extensively. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.